Why Use an Independent Security Consultant?

Independent security consultants provide their expertise to organizations to improve their state of security, protect valuable assets and if possible, increase profitability. If your organization already has a full-time security manager, there are several advantages to hiring a security consultant. If your small business cannot afford a full-time security manager, the security consultant is a cost-effective option instead of neglecting security necessities completely.

Fresh Set of Eyes

We already have a security manager, why would I hire a security consultant? Bringing someone in from outside the business provides new insight and a different set of experiences. A knowledgeable and robust security manager is secure enough to understand the additional skills and knowledge a consultant brings. A fresh set of eyes may identify security alternatives, uncover unproductive practices and programs and even assist in relationship building between departments. For businesses without a security manager (or assigning security as a collateral duty to others), a security consultant can ensure your business is on the right path to protect assets, scale and establish a good security foundation until a security manager can come aboard.

An organization typically portrays security as only an expense instead of utilizing it to save money through loss prevention, avoiding litigation and lowering costs.

Well-Rounded Experience

A security consultant visits and works with several different companies a year, from local to international. The experience gathered gives the consultant a unique view of trends to provide timely and cost-effective solutions. Today, a security consultant may be working on improving loss prevention for a retail organization. Tomorrow, the knowledge and experience gained will help in evaluating the physical security measures of an office building. Using the information gathered from other companies, the security consultant can guide your business based on what has worked and has failed in past organizations.

No Workplace Bureaucracy

Independence might be the greatest asset of a security consultant. The consultant does not need to worry about getting fired or facing the repercussions of telling management, department heads or boards members precisely what they need to hear. More often than not, money is not the deciding factor for launching a security project. The additions or improvements are overlooked or dismissed because the truth is sugar-coated to spare feelings or relationships. The security consultant is the perfect person to be forthright and unbiased.

Return on Investment

Slowly but surely, organizations realize the benefits of hiring an independent security consultant to increase their bottom line while improving the security of their assets. Changes in security programs, policies and procedures can result in cost-effective solutions. For instance, the type of bulbs a company uses can affect the footage of CCTV cameras and the electric bill. Just using different bulbs can provide better footage (this will come in handy after an incident) and can reduce your annual expenses. An organization typically portrays security as only an expense instead of utilizing it to save money through loss prevention, avoiding litigation and lowering costs.


The use of independent security consultants continues to grow mainly as a result of their efficiency and value. Organizations with a full-time security manager benefit by having a consultant review and validate security programs. Especially when attempting to convince upper management to approve the project. Companies lacking the funds to employ a full-time manager can utilize a security consultant to establish a stable foundation to protect themselves and their assets. Start using security as another tool to enhance and grow your business instead of as a liability and expense.

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